Benitez Familia

It started with engagements, then a wedding.  Shortly after, maternity and then GGB’s first birthday.  I met Kat and Val in 2015 when I did their engagement photos in the snow at Ben Marl winery in New York.  I did their wedding the following July and found out Kat was pregnant as well.  I came back up to New York to do her maternity photos and then Gabby’s first birthday.  I told them they needed to come down to Virginia and I would take some family photos of them and that’s exactly what we did! I really didn’t know that when I met them they’d become such great friends.  We spent the afternoon in Old Town, Alexandria and then headed to my parents for dinner.  It was a great day with great friends and I miss them again! I’ll come up to New York again soon, thank you to my best clients and great friends!

Minguez Familia

Photographing your best friend and her family is easy.  Picking only a few photos to post on the blog is the difficult part. I love this family so much and you will see why when you see these photos.

Kaitlin’s Family Photos

I worked with Kaitlin about three years ago in georgetown and we got to become good friends.  She was pregnant with Livia while we worked together too, so it was nice to see her all grown up (about to turn three) the other day.  She also has a sweet baby girl named Eloise and I am obsessed with her cheeks.  Both babes were dolls for this shoot and I was so happy to see Kaitlin again. I hope you enjoy some photos from the shoot of her amazing family!

Stephanie & Stephen- Blizzard Wedding

When you think blizzard, you don’t exactly think wedding, however, that is exactly what Stephanie & Stephen had to think about.  Their wedding was to take place in the middle of Winter Storm Jonas.  Even though there was over two feet of snow outside, high winds, and freezing temperatures, they were able to tie the knot at Embassy Suites in Old Town Alexandria.  We were even able to get some shots in the snow! I don’t think Stephanie freaked out once and remained calm all day.  Although some guests had to cancel, the ones that were able to make it had a GREAT time! I’m glad a little snow didn’t stop these two from tying the knot and even though it delayed their honeymoon a day, they have a lifetime of memories from their snowzilla wedding!

Arynne in D.C.

Arynne and I drove around D.C. to take some shots for her real estate website. We lucked out with gorgeous weather!

Megan’s Dance Application Portraits

When Megan asked if I could do some pictures for her dance application, I was super nervous- I’ve never done dance portraits before, but I just went with it and I think they came out great! Megan is amazing and I was in awe of everything she did.  Also, I want her calves. And that blue door! My favorite pictures!!

Stephanie & Steve’s Engagement Photos

I met Steph while we both worked at Carlyle a couple of years ago and I’m happy our friendship has lasted even after both of us moving on from the restaurant.  She met her match in Steve, also a dog lover, and on the most perfect spring day, we spent the afternoon in Old Town Alexandria for some engagement photos.  We got lucky with an unoccupied fire truck, Steph feeling a little adventurous, and a beautiful sunset! I can’t wait for their wedding in January!

Kat & Val- Maternity

On February 8 2014, I traveled up to New York to meet and shoot Kat & Val’s engagements. In July, I shot their wedding and on February 7 2015, I went up to New York again to shoot their maternity photos. I’m so lucky to have met these two and am very happy to call them my friends.  I spent 8 hours in NYC this time and drove all around the city and to their house in Queens. Baby Gabriella Grace Benitez is due in March and I can’t wait to meet her!

Kat & Val:: Wedding

I don’t even know where to begin on this one. I had the pleasure of meeting Kat & Val in February. My friend Katy [fetsch events] was planning their wedding and they asked if she knew of any photographers. One thing led to another, and well, magic (and friendships) happened.  I met Kat & Val at Benmarl Winery in Marlboro, NY.  There was about a foot of snow on the ground and their wedding in July couldn’t come soon enough. The moment I met them, I could tell how much they loved each other. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other and had no problem when I suggested a kissing picture.  After getting to know them, we found out that Kat’s family and my Miami family knew each other and I felt like we were long lost cousins.  Their engagement photo session was so smooth and they were so easy to work with I left thinking, “I can NOT wait until July”.

Fast forward to July 26, 2014. I walked into Kat’s suite at the hotel and was greeted with mimosas and happiness.  I began snapping away while my sister and second shooter, Sam, was hanging out with Val and the guys getting ready. We were both welcomed by both families like we were apart of them and it made the day go by so easy.  Fast forward again to the ceremony.  It was a catholic ceremony, and it was BEAUTIFUL. I had to hold back the tears while taking pictures and looking over at Kat & Val’s mom embracing each other the whole time was so heartwarming.

The reception, also at Benmarl Winery, was so much fun!! It helped that the weather was perfect for an outdoor reception.  The blue sky and green of the vines and trees on the mountain were so vibrant, it added so much color to the photos. Everything about the reception was perfect, the DJ, the SELFIE STATION (genius), the his and her sangrias.  We even lucked out with some beautiful sunset shots, but are you even that surprised? I just can’t even describe how much fun I had (even though I was working) and how I felt like a part of their families.  Here’s to new friends & new families, I hope you enjoy the photos!

live in the sunshine

I took one of my favorite quotes & photoshopped it onto my favorite picture from Punta Cana. I plan to one day get the quote as a tattoo, until then, I will take Ralph’s advice and live in the sunshine.